Cook Local Impact Infinite

Norbert Brunner, Cook Local Impact Infinite 

A world debut at Miami Project 2015

Claire Oliver Gallery is honored to present an important installation by Gallery Artist Norbert Brunner entitled: Cook Local Impact Infinite. This installation continues Brunner’s exploration of the power of positive thinking and our ability to overcome all obstacles if we believe we can. 

Floors once walked by Hitler are inverted and re-envisioned by Brunner into tables for a familial feast – as a mirror is a reflection that inverts the original image, Brunner’s mirrors invert the words and garbled past to create a positive reflection for the future. 

Cook Local Impact Infinite, as an installation at Project Miami, consists of three large tables (each measuring 10 x 3 feet), arranged in a U shape. Attendant benches welcome the viewer to sit and become a participant. Three corresponding mirrors are suspended above the works. 

Down the center of each tabletop, a four inch wide channel holds Brunner’s distinctive layers of Plexiglas and Swarovski crystals. By looking directly down into the crystal filled channel, the viewer will realize there is a message spelled out within. It is only by looking up however, into the mirrors above that the words become legible. For Brunner, the piece is not complete without human interaction. As a proactive, interactive work, the viewers themselves becomes caught up in the words and see themselves in the final inspired “picture”. 

As is his want, the texts for each of the Artist’s works are well thought out and conceptually underpinned to the whole of the work. To that end, this project called out for another voice to add to the dialogue. 

Brunner chose celebrated Austrian poet Erich Fried. Born 6 May 1921 to Jewish parents in Vienna, Fried fled with his mother to London after his father was murdered by the Gestapo during the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany
in 1938. He did not return to his beloved Vienna until 1962. Because of his historical ties to the material, as well as
his triumph over adversity, Fried’s love poem “it is what it is” becomes the perfect assertion for Cook Local: 

It is nonsense says reason, It is calamity says calculation, It is what it is says love… 

It is nothing but pain says fear, It is hopeless says insight, It is ludicrous says pride, It is what it is says love…

It is foolish says caution, It is impossible says experience  It is what it is says love…
- Erich Fried 

Brunner has created these tables from the actual 150 year old floorboards taken from The Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum) in Vienna, lending biographical heft to art, class issues and political conflicts still top of mind today. Commissioned by the House of Habsburg in 1872, the Museum has documented that during WWII, Hitler walked these floors to choose what constituted degenerate art, and what was deemed suitable to be on view for the public. 

Visitors may sit down or mingle around, completing the “still life” by becoming a part of the installation. The “guest” who takes time with the work will be rewarded; by looking up into the mirrors above, the entire table will come into view, giving one the perspective necessary to read the entirety of the poem; only by looking up into the mirrors can the visitors understand the works as a whole, with themselves as part of the equation. In lockstep with the concept of community collaboration to reach a goal, Cook Local Impact Infinite asks each of us to look upon ourselves and our “local” actions in order to reach a universal goal. 

Cook Local Impact Infinite, 2015
Reclaimed wood, Swarovski crystals, Plexiglas
3 tables, 112 x 36 x 32 inches each
Studio production detail view 

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art miami - December 3-7

Claire Oliver Gallery is pleased to announce we will once again be participating in Miami’s founding art fair: Art Miami. Now in its 25th year, Art Miami runs December 3-7.

**Preview the works of the exhibition**

Our stand is located in the same space as last year, C9. We will showcase major new works by: Beth Lipman, Gabi Trinkaus, Andrew Erdos, Norbert Brunner, Lisa Alonzo and Anna Navasardian.

The fair will commence on Dec. 2, 2013, with Art Miami’s highly anticipated Opening Night VIP Preview.

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