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In 2007, I was invited to realise a large scale media project in public space in Birmingham, UK for the Festival of Extreme Building. The TIMEPIPE was an important part of this project which was taken place in summer 2007 in the city centre of Birmingham.

The heart of the installation is a visual platform shaped like a pipe manifold. There is a central cube which serves as housing for the entire technical equipment and from which for inflatable pipes extend in all four directions. These pipes are projection channels, so that projections can also be seen during daytime, each leading to a projection object which visually dissolves all videos projected on it by means of several projection layers in thousands of single dots and thus creates a three-dimensional image. The beholder can only recognise these projections for a certain viewpoint. They change and dissolve when the beholder moves around the object.

Thus, four projection surfaces are created in opposite directions while being connected with each other and reacting to one another. This projection platform symbolizes the start of a widely ramified pipework; further pipes and other pipeworks can be docked to it. With this I want to create an invisible connection to different public spaces of the world which can be a part of this pipework to exchange information of any kind. The Videos will be changed, because they will react to the different locations and themes.

Norbert Brunner

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