Wisdom of nature

The installation “wisdom of nature” is divided into two parts: the first one with the bag objects takes place in public space, the second one with the TIMEPIL in the gallery “Galerie 141” in Nagoya.

The TIMEPILL is an inflatable visual platform, which acts as a kind of cosmos of its own. Depending on the project, co-operations are made with art creators from all other areas. For each project, the projection surfaces and their text contents are exchanged. Inside of this projection object several transparent projection screens are hanged in a fixed distance from each other. On these surfaces, opaque adhesive foil dots of different sizes are affixed forming the actual projection surface. Projections made by video projector onto this surface can be seen from front and back.

Because of the distance between the projection screens and the positioning of the dots, the projection can only be recognised by the beholder from a pre-determined viewpoint. The projection dissolves spatially upon any change of the beholder’s viewpoint into thousands of dots. Thus, the recognised projection and its visual content are made relative and the beholder has to complete his own picture and its contents according to his religious, cultural or social background.

At the same time, a short text written in adhesive foil dots of a different colour can be seen on the projection surface. This, too, can only be recognised and read from a special viewpoint and dissolves visually upon movement. The recognised text is made relative as well. The beholder has to find his own “truth”.

Projections, Contents and Text of the TIMEPILL

For the Nagoya EXPO I would like to focus on the motto „wisdom of nature“. A series of videos are made symbolising a minimised form of nature, such as a swimming goldfish before a white background, a rotating globe illuminated from one side only or a beetle moving in confined space.

With the dotted text “IMPORTANT” I want to highlight the importance of nature and make this statement relative at the same time. In my opinion, everyone must decide for himself or herself, how much importance they attribute to their surroundings and their respective states. I want to position the TIMEPILL in “Galerie 141” so it can be seen well by passers-bys outside the gallery in order to create a bridge to public space. The projections will be running until midnight. They are a little weaker during the day due to daylight interference but they improve at sunset. This also illustrates a natural temporal process.

Those visitors who enter the gallery will be able to hear interviews with passers-bys giving short statements in different languages on their relation to nature.

“Bag Objects” and Public Space

The second step into public space is another long-term project of mine which I want to continue at the EXPO in Nagoya: the project „bag objects“, which I started in 2000 in Nagoya at “Galerie 141”.

For the Nagoya EXPO I want to create 20 such “bag objects” with an inflatable inner body. On the front short statements will be written in my dot technique with an EXPO focus, which is made relative by the visual dissolution described earlier. A few examples for such statements:





The bags are for me a symbol for all the shopping streets in the world. It is very interesting for me, even that everywhere is another cultural background, the shopping malls looks for me everywhere the same in a way. Especially the bags, which the people carry with them.

The bags will be also shown in the gallery, but during the exhibition i will be allways on tour in the city with some of them. I will ask people on the street, asepecially shopping streets or shopping centers, if they could pose with these bags for a photo. Some of them will be later print out 2meter x 1 meter, combined with one of my dot objects. All of these Photos are collected in an archive. Furthermore, an internet platform is planned where all photos in connection the “bag object” project will be available for viewing and downloading (in smaller versions).

Thus, the “bag object” project is not finished after the EXPO in Nagoya. The EXPO serves as another platform. Reactions to this project can be seen again at different locations at later time without being lost. 

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